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PA: Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend's Ex after Break-in, Assault

So he found his way in a different way: A little later, police said, the man broke into the home through a second-floor window. Once inside, police say the man began to attack his ex, assaulting her. Her current boyfriend then produced a gun and shot him in the chest, police said.

He died a short time later at a nearby hospital. Police have not identified the man, only saying he is 33 years old. His two children with the woman were in the home at the time of the shooting.

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FolIowup IA: Manager who Never Fired a Gun Before, Wins Gunfight with 1 Shot

The manager at Ray’s Supermarket on Franklin Street said a police officer had once showed him how operate the .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol that was kept at the store.

That quick lesson came into play on the night of Nov. 18, 2015, when he found himself in a shootout with an armed robber.

Authorities said Chaudry wounded the assailant during an exchange of gunfire. Prosecutors allege the robber was Charles Earl Jones, the 21-year-old Waterloo man who was found across town with a gunshot wound minutes after the botched supermarket robbery.
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KS: Mon Shoots Burglary Suspect

According to police, a homeowner saw the burglar in action, got a gun and then shot the suspect.

The burglar is expected to survive.
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Followup: No Charges for 91-Year-Old Shooter

No criminal charges will be filed against a 91-year-old concealed pistol license holder who shot a suspected robber outside of a pharmacy in Eastpointe, according to police and prosecutors.

Instead, the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office authorized an arrest warrant charging the man who was shot, Richard Ashford, with assault with a dangerous weapon, Prosecutor Eric Smith said in a news release.

“This is a textbook case for why concealed pistol licenses are issued in the first place,” Smith said in the release. “American citizens have the right to protect themselves in the face of clear assault.”
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Followup LA: Clerk Arrested After Shooting Suspect

Deputies were told by a store clerk that he noticed a man trying to shoplift several bottles of liquor. He tried stop the man and an altercation ensued inside the store.

Juan Villanueva, the clerk, said he activated the front door locking mechanism to help stop the suspect from leaving. He said the suspect was able to break through the door.

It was when the suspect was running toward the gas pumps that Villanueva, who had armed himself with a gun, fired a shot and struck the suspect in the leg, the Sheriff's Office said.
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TN: Armed Homeowner Holds Intruder for Police

SEVIERVILLE (WATE) – A suspect in a home invasion is in custody thanks to a homeowner in Sevier County.

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office said Darrick C. Whaley, 23, was charged with aggravated assault, especially aggravated burglary, unlawful possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, gun possession during a violent felony and narcotic possession. Officers said when they arrived at 833 Douglas Dam Road, the homeowner was holding Whaley at gunpoint.
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Exclusive: 10mm Bear Defense; Interview with Shooter (some video)

Kim Woodman, dressed as he was when attacked by the brown bear on Humpy Creek (courtesy Kim Woodman)

Video from Kim Woodman

On 29 July, 2016, about 4 p.m. Kim Woodman was attacked by a sow brown bear at Humpy Creek.

Kim had a Glock model 20 10 mm pistol with him.  He was able to stop the attack by shooting the bear as it charged at him.  While backing away from the charging bear, Kim tripped and fell backward.  He instinctively attempted to fend off the bear with his foot, while he concentrated on firing the shots that saved his life.  The last shot was just short of contact.  It probably hit the bear in the chest, but also took off the tip of one of Kim's toes.

Kim Woodman was kind enough to grant me an interview. 

On Friday, the 29th of July, Kim impulsively decided to take a day hike up Humpy creek.  He did not expect trouble.  Almost as an afterthought, he put the Glock model 20 10mm pistol and a box of ammunition in his day pack.
I was just moving up Humpy crick there, I had just thrown the gun in my pack.

I saw bear scat, so I loaded the gun, with 15 rounds in the magazine, none in the chamber.  That is the way I grew up and was taught by my dad.

I put the pistol in my pants pocket.
Kim was born in Alaska. He is 57 years old. His father homesteaded in the state in 1938, and was one of the first bear guides there. Kim has spent nearly all his life in Alaska, with a few winters spent in Nevada going to high school. Kim is very familiar with bears and how to deal with them.  He has encountered many bears on a lot of creeks. From Kim:
I have been in that situation a lot, you are going up a creek, you see a bear, you back up.

Generally you can back out, and the bear will just slink off.
Kim did not want to shoot the bear.  But even more, he did not want to be mauled 4 1/2 miles from his skiff in dense woods and rough terrain.  He had hiked up Humpy creek instead of following the trail. As Kim puts it:
I did not want to be the guy shooting a sow with cubs.  But even more I did not want to be the guy mauled.

It was about 4 1/2 mile out from my skiff.  I had just downloaded an app to show topographic details.  I used that to find the trail for heading back out. It was very thick.  I did not want to fight the brush on the way back.

There was no cell phone connection.
Kim was making some noise as he went up the creek.  The cover was very thick. There were plenty of mosquitoes:
There wasn't a lot of noise, and I was not making a lot of noise.  I was busting through brush and mosquitoes and sweat.  It was a pretty ugly mosquito year.
It was just another creek with some bear sign, and the chance of meeting a bear.

You think it isn't going to happen until it does.  So it is best to be prepared.

Kim instinctively attempted to back away, but the sow was having none of it. The cubs saw Kim just as he saw them, from about 30 feet away, across a little opening in the dense woods.
I am moving up this really thick stuff, too much fallen over the creek itself to go up it. There was a deep hole in Humpy creek, and the bears were in the hole.

The cubs and I saw each other first, across about a 30 foot opening. The cubs went scampering off and the sow saw me and came straight at me.

She had to come up a little bit of bank, that gave me a little extra time to make sure I chambered a round. I was shouting at her when I realized that I had to shoot. I let about three go, and then she was right on top of me.

That is when I tripped backward and she was right up on me when I let go with the last round that took the tip of my toe off.
 Even if she had only got me for a few seconds, I do not know if I would have been able to crawl out.
Kim's description of how he perceived the situation is pretty common for deadly force events:
Hooked my heel on  something while backing up and firing.  Thick alders and brush.

 It wasn't even like I was falling.  There was tunnel vision, concentrating on the shot.

I instinctively put my foot up at the same time, and snapping a shot off.
Kim said that there wasn't any real choice.  The sow was totally committed.  She had made the decision to attack, and was in a full out charge. Kim said that he clearly remembers shooting two handed.

The whole situation only took about 4 seconds.  The final shot was very close.  Park Ranger Jason Okuly found Kim's sunglasses at the scene.  They had fallen off the top of Kim's head as he fell backward.

Okuly said that the sunglasses were only two feet from the bear's head.  He also retrieved two empty cases and returned them to Kim.  He told Kim that they noticed at least three hits.  One in the left eye, one in the mouth, and one in the chest.  They did not look too closely because the carcass was bloated and stinking pretty badly by the time they were able to reach it. 

The sow was eight years old, and about 400 lbs.

It wasn't until the action had stopped that Kim noticed that he had hit his own foot while shooting at the bear.  He saw blood coming out of his boot.
Everything happened so fast, 4 seconds, and you are standing there with a dead sow, and I see blood coming out of my boot.

 Photo courtesy Kim Woodman

Kim chose to walk out immediately, before the adrenaline rush from the defensive shooting wore off.  On the way out, his leg started to cramp up. That is when he made the video of his booted foot with the hole in it, on his iphone.

Once he got back to the skiff, he had a 12 mile ride back to Homer.  He tied up the skiff at the 160 foot landing craft that is parked there, walked to his truck, and drove to the emergency room.

The red arrow shows the approximate location of the shooting.  Satellite photo from Google maps.

Kim chose the Glock because he liked how light and tough it was.  He had two revolvers before the Glock, a Ruger stainless .357 and a Colt Anaconda .44 magnum.

When he learned how much the Anaconda was worth (it is a fairly rare, collectible revolver) he sold the Colt. He said that because he spent a lot of time on salt water, he knew the Anaconda would get beat up and lose considerable value. A few years later he picked up the Glock.

The ammunition that he was using was the HPR 10mm 180 grain JHP ammunition made in Payson, Arizona.  The velocity claimed is 1270 fps, for 650 foot pounds of energy. Kim says he expects to get some Buffalo Bore cartridges in the future.

 Photo courtesy Kim Woodman

24 years ago, Kim had to shoot another bear that was intent on doing him harm.  That bear was quite a bit bigger, about 850-900 pounds, with a very large head.  It squared at 9 to 9 1/2 feet.

Kim was hunting moose when it happened in 1992.  He had a bear permit, but he wanted to get a moose for meat before he went bear hunting.  The bear made the choice for him.  He was stalking a moose when it happened.  From Kim:
I saw a moose out on the swamp, real early in the morning.

I heard something behind me, and it was padding up on me. I had a bear tag, but I wanted a moose first. I had just enough time to swing the rifle around. I yelled at it, and got a real aggressive response.  There were a lot of problem bears around, a bad berry year, a guy had gotten eaten by a bear. 
The bear was so close that Kim could not use the scope on his .338 Winchester Magnum.  He sighted down the side of the barrel. Trophy hunters do not shoot bears in the head. It ruins the skull as a trophy, and makes the skull impossible to score for the record books. The bear was coming at him, but not full out.  It was only 15 feet away when he shot.  It went down as if he had scrambled its brains, but the bullet had gone through the muscle alongside the skull, just nicking the bone.  It knocked the bear out.  Kim thought it was dead.
All of a sudden I heard a growl, so I went back in there, obviously you can't leave a wounded bear around.   It was whirling in a circle, tearing out chunks of the tundra.

I stuck the barrel up against its neck, and the 250 grain .338 did not make it out the other side of its neck.

The bear Kim shot in 1992. Photo courtesy  Kim Woodman. It is a big bear, from the size of the front paws.

Kim said that he had learned lessons from the recent bear shooting. He is going to buy a holster or two.  He is consciously going to practice *not* backing up, and shooting rapidly.  He says that in a crisis, you act as you have trained to act.  He also said that when you are around bears a lot, familiarity can cause you to lose the healthy respect you should have.

Very few people have to kill two bears in self defense in their lifetime.  Kim does not view it as something to aim for.  It happened as part of the necessity of survival.

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GA: Woman with Gun Beats Man with Tire Iron

AUGUSTA, GA. | A Subway employee shot and killed one of two armed robbery suspects Sunday afternoon after the man struck her 14-year-old son in the head with a tire iron, police say.

Deputies discovered one of the suspects, Cornelius Harrison, 24, of North Carolina, bleeding from his side in the wooded area behind the business on the Gordon Highway. He was taken to Augusta University Medical Center, where he died from his injuries. The other robbery suspect has not been located.

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OH: Home Invasion, Intruder Wounded

The sheriff says a male that resides at the home fired several shots at the intruders. At the time, it was believed no one had been shot.

After further investigation, Rogers says they learned a suspect ,Richard Kafel, had been shot two times. He was taken to Coshocton Memorial Hospital where he was treated for non life threatening injuries and was then taken into custody.

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Followup TN: Grand Jury finds James Ives shot Bruce Roberts in Self Defense

The Grand Jury heard evidence from Hawkins Co. Sheriff's Office Detective David LaFollette.

“From all of which, the Grand Jury finds (that) Darrell Bruce Roberts died as a result of: James Ives shot Mr. Roberts in self-defense,” the report states.

Sheriff Ronnie Lawson wrote in a May news release that deputies responded to a call to Beechwood Hills Trailer Park about 10:15 p.m. on May 3 to investigate reports of a man in a roadway who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

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IN: Wife is Robbed; Calls Police: Husband Investigates with gun, Gets Shot by Officer

The woman gave up her keys, and then went into her house and called 911. Her husband went outside with a gun.

“The husband was out with the weapon, and unfortunately the husband was shot by one of our officers,” Taylor said.

Police said the man was in serious but stable condition at the hospital, and was expected to survive. The suspect left the victims’ car in the driveway and fled the scene.
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TX: Father Shows Son Pistol; Son Uses it for Defense

HOUSTON - A homeowner shot and killed a teen and injured another in an attempted robbery in east Houston.

Police said a father and son were in the backyard of their home in the 800 block of Majestic near Market Tuesday night when two teens approached them.

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MO: Fatal Shooting Likely Self Defense

ABC 17 News reported a 25-year-old man was shot around 10:30 p.m. Sunday in the Hawthorn Park Apartments area.

The man police arrested on scene was released Monday and is no longer a suspect since he may have acted in self-defense, according to police.

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DE: Armed Homeowner Shoots at Burglary Suspect

CLAYTON, Del. (AP) — Delaware State Police say a homeowner shot at a burglar who ran away from his house after being caught in the act.

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Cheap Gun Opportunity/Profitable Gun Turn in; Minneapolis 27 August, 2016

Some guns turned in at a Phoenix event in 2013

There will be a gun turn in event on Saturday, 27 August, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  While these events are commonly labelled with the propaganda term "buyback" the guns were never owned by the people attempting to buy them.

The event will be held at two locations: Fire Station 17 at 330 E 38th St. in south Minneapolis; Fire Station 14 at 2002 Lowry Ave N in north Minneapolis.  Compensation will be in the form of Visa gift cards. The event will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The compensation offered at this event is very generous when comparted to most of these events.  The total amount available for compensation is not stated.  From
People can receive Visa gift cards for the following amounts in exchange for various types of guns:

$300 = compensation for turning in an assault weapon, semi-automatic small caliber rifle with detachable magazine
$200 = compensation for turning in handguns and large caliber rifles, bolt action or lever action rifle
$100 = compensation for turning in shotguns, and small caliber rifles, bolt action or lever action rifle
$15 (or donated)= compensation for turning in inoperable guns of any kind, antique firearms, or BB guns.

Ammunition and firearm accessories are accepted for free.
Who will be making the determination of exactly what is an "assault weapon" is not clear, but last week there was a Savage semi-automatic small caliber rifle with a detachable 10 round magazine in WalMart, brand new, for $99 plus tax.

There are many old and tired handguns in the country that can be had for less than $100.  The RG-14 comes to mind.

I suspect that the supply of gift cards will be quickly depleted.  If you intend to drop off a couple of well worn RGs revolvers or Davis semi-auto, get there early.  There will likely be a line forming before the stated time.

It is not clear if there will be a police presence at the Fire Stations.

Some police departments are hostile to private buyers; others are friendly.  It is best to do local research before arriving to offer to buy firearms. Much depends on what public parking is available, and where private buyers are allowed.
Some private buyers have been able to overcome these obstacles and achieve considerable success.

Once the available funds are expended, people will be showing up with guns that they want to get rid of, only to find that the money they expected is gone.  Many private sales occur in these situations.

Across the country, communities, police departments and churches are sponsoring gun turn-ins to get "guns off the street". At many of these events, private buyers are showing up, offering cash for the more valuable guns. These private additions to the public turn-in are effective, no doubt, in getting more guns off the street, because they add to the resources that are available to those who want to get rid of guns for something of value, be it a grocery card or a number of twenty dollar bills.

You can help make the turn-in in your area more effective by standing on the curb with your "Cash for Guns" sign, or at a folding table, willing to offer more than the gift card for firearms that are more valuable. It would be best if numerous private parties were available, as more good guns could then be transferred into responsible hands.

This action serves many useful purposes. It stretches the turn-in budget so that more guns can be taken off the street. It helps keep fearful widows from being defrauded of most of the market value of the gun they are turning in. It prevents valuable assets from being destroyed by bureaucratic inflexibility. It is a win-win-win situation.

It also dispels the pernicious message that guns are bad and should be destroyed.

Private sales are legal in Minnesota.  There is no requirement to ask the government for permission to transfer a firearm, but transferring one to a known  prohibited possessor is against the law.

Here is how private buyers handled challenges in Jacksonville, Florida.

Link to article with numerous examples of private sales at gun turn in events
Link to most recent article about private buyers at Milwaukee event

Link to Phoenix Article: pictures of private buyers

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Followup NY: Grand Jury Finds Teen Justified in Shooting Mother's Boyfriend

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) >> A grand jury has declined to indict a Long Island teen who fatally shot his mother’s boyfriend last week, finding the killing was an act of self-defense.

Newsday reports ( ) 18-year-old Tephonte Smith had been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 28-year-old Rashad Woolridge. But the North Amityville man has been freed after a grand jury returned a no true bill last week.

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Followup NM: No Charges Filed on

No criminal charges will be filed against a 91-year-old concealed pistol license holder who shot a suspected robber outside of a pharmacy in Eastpointe, according to police and prosecutors.

Instead, the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office authorized an arrest warrant charging the man who was shot, Richard Ashford, with assault with a dangerous weapon, Prosecutor Eric Smith said in a news release.

“This is a textbook case for why concealed pistol licenses are issued in the first place,” Smith said in the release. “American citizens have the right to protect themselves in the face of clear assault.”

More Here

Texas Judge Shoots Down Motion for Injunction to Delay Campus Carry

On 6 June, 2016, Two professors from the University of Texas, Austin and a Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor filled a lawsuit against the state Attorney General, the President of the University of Texas at Austin, and the members of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas at Austin.  The lawsuit makes a number of frivilous claims, including that the law is vague, the law violates the plaintiffs' First Amendment, Second Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment rights.  The arguments were childish, irrational, emotional rants.  Here is an example:
48. The Texas statutes and university policies that prohibit Plaintiffs from exercising their individual option to forbid handguns in their classrooms violate the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, as applied in Texas through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. These policies and procedures deprive Plaintiffs of their Second Amendment right to defend themselves and others in their classrooms from handgun violence by compelling them as public employees to passively acquiesce in the presence of loaded weaponry in their place of public employment without the individual possession and use of such weaponry in public being well-regulated. This infringement lacks any important justification and is imposed without any substantial link between the objectives of the policies and the means chosen to achieve them.
A right to violate others Second Amendment rights in public places.  That is a novel interpretation of the Second Amendment.  Positively Orwellian.

The lawsuit was first heard on 4 August, 2016.  The Plaintiffs asked for a preliminary injunction to suspend the implementation of the law while the lawsuit proceeded. Preliminary injunctions are seldom granted.  The requirements are fairly rigorous. From the case documents:
(1) a substantial likelihood of success on the merits,

(2) a substantial threat of irreparable injury if the injunction is not issued,

(3) that the threatened injury that would result if the injunction is denied outweighs any harm that will result if the injunction is granted,and

(4) that the grant of an injunction will not disserve the public interest.
Judge Lee Yeakel of the US District Court writes a well thought out and easily understandable response to the request for a preliminary injunction.  He finds that the case does not meet the requirements for one. He examines several claims to reach his decision. First the claim of vagueness. From the decision:
The court concludes that the Campus Carry Policy does not fail for unconstitutional vagueness.
 Then the claim that the law violates First Amendment rights:
But the Campus Carry Law and Policy do not direct Plaintiffs either toward or away from any particular subject or point of view. See Univ. of Pa., 493 U.S. at 198. The provisions do not prohibit, require, or even mention any form of speech by professors of the University. The burden of which Plaintiffs complain therefore does not fit within any recognized right of academic freedom. See id. at 199.
Judge Yeakel expands on the First Amendment claim:
Their First Amendment claim is and must be bottomed on their right to speak and teach freely. Neither the Campus Carry Law nor the Campus Carry Policy forbids them from doing so. This is fatal to their attempt at this stage in the proceedings to establish a substantial likelihood that their case will succeed on the merits.
He shows that the Fourteenth Amendment claim of lack of equal protection fails at this stage, at least:
The court concludes at this stage in the proceedings that requiring public universities to allow licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns is a basis for the Campus Carry Law that bears a debatably rational relationship to the conceivable legitimate governmental end of enabling individuals to defend themselves. See Reid, 979 F.2d at 1087. Further, the court concludes that allowing private universities to prohibit concealed carry by licensed individuals bears a rational relationship to the legitimate governmental interest of respecting the private-property rights of private universities.
Here is more on the 14th Amendment claims, and a bit on the Second Amendment:
It appears to the court that neither the Texas Legislature nor the Board of Regents has overstepped its legitimate power to determine where a licensed individual may carry a concealed handgun in an academic setting. The court concludes that Plaintiffs have failed to establish a substantial likelihood of success on their equal-protection claim under the Fourteenth Amendment.
The conclusion sums up the failure to provide convincing arguments for a preliminary injunction:
Because Plaintiffs at this time have failed to establish a substantial likelihood of ultimate success on the merits of their asserted claims, their request for immediate relief must fail. The court therefore need not and does not reach the remaining requirements for granting a preliminary injunction. Bluefleld, 577 F.3d at 253 ("[A] preliminary injunction is an extraordinary remedy which should not be granted unless the party seeking it has 'clearly carried the burden of persuasion' on all four requirements."). 

Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that Plaintiffs' Application for Preliminary Injunction (Clerk's Doc. No. 20) is DENIED.

It is the decision that was expected.  Anyone with money can file a lawsuit.  Some are designed to get headlines.

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MI: 91-Year-Old Shoots Robbery Suspect

EASTPOINTE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Eastpointe police say a 91-year-old man shot an attempted robbery suspect outside of a Rite Aid on 9 Mile around 10 a.m. Monday.
Police say the elderly man declared he was a CPL holder as he noticed the suspect approaching him erratically. The suspect then reportedly pointed an unknown object at the victim, and that's when the 91-year-old pulled out his gun and opened fire, striking the suspect in the neck.

More Here

AZ: No Arrests in Shooting, likely Self Defense

Detectives said the visitor hit the resident in the head with the broken glass bong and then used it to stab him. The resident pulled a gun and shot the visitor twice.

The wounded visitor left in the car in which he arrived and called the police from another location.

Detectives have talked to both men and said neither one was cooperative.

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TN: Domestic Defense Woman Shoots Estranged Husband

A spokesperson for SCSO said the woman called and said she shot her husband in the chest at a home in Cordova.

The woman told deputies that her husband was not supposed to be in the home; they are separated.

Robert Jackson was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

His wife, Ashley Jackson, said she shot her husband in self-defense.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Open Carry Restaurant in Utah hits Snag with Liberal Landlords

The Sea Bears Ogden Fish House has become prosperous as a restaurant that welcomes and practises the open carry of firearms.  They have done so well they needed to move to a larger venue.  That venue was Union Station in Ogden.

There are four museums at the station. One is the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, another is the Utah State Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, a third is the Browning Classic Car Museum, and the fourth is the Utah State Railroad Museum.  It seems like a good fit. From
For more than a year now, owners, employees and patrons of the restaurant at 2550 Washington Blvd. have been invited to open-carry the firearm of their choice in the establishment. But with the recent announcement Sea Bears is relocating to the former site of Union Grill, Ogden’s Union Station officials now say they won’t permit openly carrying a gun there.
The Secretary of the Union Station Foundation, who did not negotiate the contract, said that several specifics were agreed to, including that owners and servers could only carry weapons if they had training, if they were in holsters, and if they were no more than 12 inches long. The secretary, Trentleman, claims that there was also a provision that open carry could be banned if "there were an issue".

I would like to see the contract.  It would be rather peculiar if one of a buisness' main draws were made subject to the whim of the landlord.

On Friday, 19 August, the Union Station put up "No Open Carry" signs.  It is not clear if the signs are legal or not.  Open carry is legal in Utah.  The Union Station is a non-profit.  It may be owned by the City of Ogden.  Most of its support comes from the City and the State of Utah.  I suspect the legislators will not be happy with Union Station putting up "No Open Carry" signs. The Union Station had never put up open carry signs before.

That they did this shortly after the Sea Bears announced that they would be moving to Union Station indicates a lack of good faith by the Union Station management. How could there "be an issue" when the restaurant has not even opened in the new location yet?

Just three days ago, on 18 August, Monica Seibers, one of the family owners of the Sea Bears, said that they would not be changing their format. From, 18 August:
The North Salt Lake couple are avid supporters of the Second Amendment. As such, servers at the restaurant are invited to open-carry firearms of their choice. Customers are welcome to carry firearms in their restaurant, too.

“We’re going to continue to be who we are,” Monika Seibers said.
The Sea Bears is a family owned and managed restaurant.  Monica, her husband, and their four children all open carry in the restaurant.

The Union Station management has said that having a restaurant in the space that was being emptied is important to their financial health.  They initially welcomed the Sea Bears.

It sounds as if the management of Union Station has had a change of mind. 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

FL: Man Shoots Burglary Suspect

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. —A man was shot outside an Oviedo house after deputies say he allegedly tried to break in, and the homeowner opened fire.

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LA: Domestic Defense: Armed Man Violates Restraining Order, is Shot

A Gonzales man was fatally shot Friday night after he pointed a gun at a neighbor, who then returned fire, the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office reported.

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AL: Domestic Defense: Lesbian Relationship ends with Shooting

Deputies arrived to find a 32 year old female suffering from gunshot wounds. She was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
Information on the scene is that the women had been in a dating relationship. The victim of the shooting was issued a copy of the protection order and had come to the house to discuss it. An argument ensued and she was shot.

More Here

German Populist Party Favors Armed Citizens

image from

A populist German politician is saying that German citizens should have the right to weapons to protect themselves. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is a political party that has achieved some recent electoral successes.  It rejects subservience of Germany to the European Union, and rejects the recent mass immigration.   From
"Many people are increasingly feeling unsafe. Every law-abiding citizen should be in a position to defend themselves, their family and their friends," Frauke Petry told the Funke Media Group in an interview published on Saturday.

"We all know how long it takes until the police can get to the scene, especially in sparsely populated places," she said.
The excuse that has been common in European countries is that severe restrictions on guns has been necessary to reduce crime.  In fact, over the last hundred years, violent crime, as measured by the homicide rate, has always been low, both before and after gun control was initiated, mostly between the two world wars.  Claiming that restriction on guns is necessary to reduce crime is a simplistic bit of propaganda to justify disarming the population.  The elites have always been able to get guns.

As the invasion of Islamic immigrants has surged, German police have actually cracked down on gun permits:
The number of Germans applying for so-called "small firearms license", which are required to carry around blank guns and pepper spray, jumped 49 percent in the first half of 2016 to 402,301, according to federal statistics.

However, permits for firearms fell to 1.894 million as of the end of June compared to 1.898 million a year earlier.
One of the reasons that those who wish a disarmed population are so opposed to  having an armed United States citizenry, is that the United States serves as an example to other countries. 

Brazil has been considering loosening its highly restrictive gun laws.  Kenya has considered the possibility of loosening its highly restrictive laws.  Panama has been considering reducing the difficulty of getting a gun.  If you have a permit to own a gun in Panama, you may carry it concealed.  The United States and Switzerland are mentioned as positive examples for such legislation. 

It is the reason that the European elites, and socialists in Switzerland, have clamored for much greater restrictions on gun ownership. Switzerland has almost unbelievably low levels of crime, including crime with guns.  Switzerland serves as another example of an armed population with no ill effect.

The Czech Republic used the United States as an example as they instituted one of the least restrictive run laws in Europe. 

Will Germans be allowed to own, and carry, firearms for their own protection?  It could happen.  Have a few more well publicized attacks, and the political changes that have started could accelerate.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

OK: Gun Beats Knife in Suspected Robbery


More Here (video)

MO: Man Shoots, Kills Armed Robbery Suspect

The woman claimed she and a friend were parked in a truck with the windows down in a parking lot at Englewood Park just after 10 p.m., Thursday. She didn't want Fox 4 to reveal her name or her face because she said she was still scared Friday afternoon when we spoke with her.

She said as she and her friend were facing one another, a man with a gun walked up, pointed a gun at her head and demanded her friend's wallet. She said her friend had a gun of his own and shot and killed the man.
More Here

WI: Domestic Defense: Father Shoots Son

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) – De Pere Police say a father shot his son in the leg in an act of self-defense.

Officers were dispatched at 4:24 p.m. Friday to the 500 block of North Erie Avenue.

Police say a 31-year-old man went to his father’s house, and a fight began. The 31-year-old was shot by his father in an apparent act of self-defense.

More Here

TX: Man Shoots Burglary Suspect

SAN ANTONIO -- An alleged burglar was shot by a homeowner in a West Side neighborhood early Friday evening.

Police say the suspect tried to break into a storage shed outside a home on the 100 block of Overhill Drive, near West Woodlawn Avenue and Bandera Road around 6 p.m. Friday. The homeowner pulled a gun and opened fire on the suspect.

More Here

Followup NC: Disarm and Fatal Shooting of Robber Justified

Investigators have said Brown and Cole went to Westview Valley Apartments at 426 Guilford College Road about 9:45 p.m. to rob a man. Neumann said the pair didn’t know the victim, but the robbery wasn’t random. He declined to comment further on the connection. Greensboro police said previously that a man at the address was robbed and beaten in front of his family.

Brown was shot after the victim of the robbery grabbed his weapon.

More Here

MS: Gunfight, Homeowner Kills 1, Drives off 2 more Invaders

"Upon deputies arrival, the suspect was deceased. The preliminary investigation reveals that there is strong evidence it was three black male suspects. All three were armed, approached the homeowners door and shot into the home. The home owner returned fire hitting one of three suspects," said Lolley.

Investigators cleared the scene Friday morning. The men kicked in the door, entered the home and started shooting. According to Sheriff Lolley, the home owner shot in self-defense.

More Here

FL: NRA and Jacksonville NAACP President Join Forces to Defeat Zimmerman Prosecutor

Angel Corey, Kenny Leigh, Melissa Nelson

Angela Corey knew that she was in the hot seat when she was assigned as prosecutor of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Treyvon Martin.  Governor Rick Scott assigned the hot potato to her.  Everyone understood that it was a highly political case.
There was virtually no evidence to prosecute Zimmerman with. That is why the county prosecutors and police did not charge him with any offense initially.  It is probably why Angela Corey refused to use a grand jury. Instead, she indicted Zimmerman directly. A grand jury would probably have refused to indict. In the trial, the prosecution witnesses became witnesses for the defense on cross examination.

The best analysis of the Zimmerman/Martin shooting and trial has been done by Massad Ayoob.  Massad is an expert witness on the use of deadly force and self defense.  He is one of the most successful authors in the armed self defense field, which is fairly crowded.  From his analysis at, in part 13 of a 20 part series: 
The most damning moment for Ms. Corey in this case was her commentary to the press after the acquittal. A prosecutor should respect the system, and the jury’s verdict. The man she assigned to spearhead the state’s case, Bernie de la Rionda, obviously understood that. One journalist asked both of them to describe the defendant and the deceased in a single word.

De la Rionda chose the words “lucky” for defendant George Zimmerman, and “victim” for the deceased Trayvon Martin. He knew how to straddle the line. Despite Zimmerman’s ordeal, a lot of people think anyone who is facing life in prison and gets set free is “lucky.” And “victim” is the term that is generally and automatically used for someone who is killed.

But Corey described the young man who was shown by the evidence as the one who started the fatal battle as “prey,” and the man the jury had just found Not Guilty of Murder as “murderer.”

The difference is profound. It doesn’t just show her to be a bad loser, it shows her to be utterly contemptuous of the jury, and the system she is sworn to serve. Her answer was simply egregious.

There are those who believe that Ms. Corey took the case and tried to destroy Zimmerman’s life because, in the cases mentioned in the links above, she had lost voter support in the African-American community and thought that prosecuting Zimmerman would be a good political move. If one accepts that, it begs the question, “How did that work for ya, Ms. Corey?”
Massad Ayoob's analysis from three years ago has proven prescient.
Many disagree with that statement and view Corey as both vindictive and hostile to critics. Corey also said her office and the criminal justice system is fair to black people, a point that prompts disagreement from minorities.

“She’s lost the trust of the black community,” said Jacksonville NAACP President Isaiah Rumlin. “And I think she’s too set in her ways to change.”

Rumlin, who has donated money to Nelson’s campaign, said Corey angered many with her prosecutions and been tone deaf to criticisms and concerns. That is frustrating when you consider how many people of color go through the criminal justice system, he said.
Corey has justifiably angered Second Amendment supporters as well. From
Nelson, meanwhile, has won support from former prosecutors as well as groups including the National Rifle Association, which has criticized Corey for prosecuting people that NRA leaders say were defending themselves.
The NRA and the NAACP both want Angela Corey out and Melissa Nelson in.  Nelson is leading in the polls at present.  The Republican primary is on August 30th, in ten days.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Christians and Self Defense

This question comes up every so often and I'd like to hit it from a slightly different angle. When discussing any topic and using the bible as the final authority people tend to raise the objection - "That's only your interpretation, after all you can make the Bible say anything you want it to."

There are many methods that could be used to interpret any document. Some of these methods are so familiar that you naturally follow them without even realizing it.

Others are quite strange and include things like reducing each word to a numerical value in an effort to see hidden meanings in the text! It all depends on what you believe to be true about the document you are studying.


Now in all of this, please do not miss the fact that the Jewish and Christian scriptures are not primarily about the use of force, though they do give us moral law that governs its use. The central teaching of the Bible is that mankind, all of us, are in rebellion against God and we need to lay down our arms and turn to Him for forgiveness. Fortunately, that does not mean you have to be a chew toy for the evil beasts that stalk this earth.
More Here

Followup OH: Domestic Defense found Justified

Columbus Police say that a woman who shot and killed her boyfriend Monday afternoon might have acted in self defense and is not being charged.

More Here

OR: Second Amendment Supportes Enforce Rights at Douglas County Fair

A deputy tells an open carrier he has to cover up or leave. Open carriers win.

They were there to protest an incident in which police stopped a man who was open carrying a gun while bringing merchandise to a vendor at the Douglas County Fair last week. The man was bringing supplies to a booth run by the Oregon Firearms Federation. He refused to cover up his weapon and was challenged by several officers, including Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin before a call from one of the county commissioners established that the man could carry his gun openly at the fair.

More Here

Venezuela, Bankrupt, Destroys 2000 Rusty Shotguns and Homemade Pistols

Image from  

Venezuela is a country rich in oil made poor by the government takeover of a kleptocracy with socialistic underpining. 

The solution to problems in that philosophy come with governmental edicts, followed by destructive policies.  In Venezuela's case, the drop in oil price made it much harder to buy votes.  Votes are hard to buy when you do not have any money.

The Venezuela government followed its predilections for solving society's problems by outlawing the private ownership of guns, with the purported purpose of reducing crime.

What happened was predictable for anyone who knows basic economics.  Guns became so valuable that police are routinely murdered for their weapons; local manufacture of crude but effective pistols has increased.

Crime soared, and the concentration of power by the kleptocracy was, temporarily, solidified.
The Venezuelan government made a public spectacle of their "success" in confiscating firearms from poor farmers, desperate citizens (admittedly most citizens in Venezuela) and criminals.

The regime destroyed 2,000 firearms a few days ago. Given the state of police in Venezuela, underpaid, riddled with corruption, and often murdered for their guns, I am sure the best guns never made it back to the police station, or escaped the eye of police management. In a kleptocracy, even the quality of the guns destroyed falls through the floor. From
"We are going to bring disarmament and peace," Reverol told reporters, while police officers drilled and sawed at rusty shotguns, home made pistols and some newer weapons.

Other guns were crushed in truck-mounted presses. Some members of the public watched, although more danced to a nearby sound system playing salsa music.
The ban on private gun ownership was imposed in 2012.  From
Gangs often get weapons from the police, either by stealing them or buying them from corrupt officers, experts say. Recent years have also seen an increase in criminals targeting police and security forces in order to take their weapons, especially after private gun ownership was made illegal in 2012.

Through the first five months of 2016, 163 police, military officers, and bodyguards were killed — a 14% increase over the same period last year. In 80% of those cases the assailants also took the victim's weapon. A government source told El Nacional that the victim's weapons were recovered only 3% of the time.
India had a similar problem years ago.  In the 1980's, I routinely read of police being murdered in India for their firearms.  I have not seen such reports recently, but the quality of "country made" guns seems to have gone up to meet demand.  Venezuela has only had a couple of years to develop a strong black market in firearms and ammunition.

Give it a few years.  The Brazilian criminals favor homemade or small shop black market submachine guns.  They are one of the easiest repeating firearms to make.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

PA: Clerk Shoot, Wounds, Robbery Suspect

Police say the armed masked male walked into the store at 19th and Park streets in Harrisburg on Wednesday night and tried to rob a clerk. Police say another clerk shot the suspect.

More Here

OH: Gun Beats Knife: Armed Victim Stops Car Buglar Supect

The man was allegedly trying to break into and steal from cars on the city's north side near Wick Avenue and McGuffy Road when a man came out of his house and tried to stop him.

Officials say the suspect pulled out a knife, but the theft victim fired a gun.

More Here

FL: Man Shoots Large Gator near Horses; Gator Attacks, Shooter Charged

Photo from Sumter County Sheriff's Office

About 6:30 p.m. on June 21, 2016, a 8.5-9 foot, 300 lb alligator was discovered near some agitated horses that belonged to Reginald Blanton, 74 years old.

Blanton shot the reptile with a 9mm handgun, reportedly hitting it two or three times.  Where he hit it is not clear, but the shots would likely have been  mortal, because the alligator was still there, lying in the grass, when the authorities "euthanized it".

While the story is two months old, there are important lessons to learn.

After the shots, Blanton's stepson, Jack Hildreth, 58, approached the alligator, believing it to be dead. It wasn't. From
His stepson then arrived and got about eight feet away from the alligator when it suddenly attacked. “Whenever he raised up after my stepson, it looked like he was shot out of a cannon. I had never seen nothing like it,” Blanton said.
Alligators can move amazingly fast for short bursts, as can be seen on this YouTube video of one predating on a feral pig. (If you are squeamish, do not watch this!)

Link to video on YouTube

The gator in the video seems close to the same size as the one in the Blanton/Hildreth situation.

The video shows the speed with which an attack can occur. Blanton's stepson, Hildreth, 58, was severely injured.

Do not assume your adversary is out of the fight simply because they are motionless and down.  They may be "playing possum".  Combat soldiers are taught to consider this when they approach downed enemy combatants.  A lot of people have been killed by "dead" adversaries.

This goes double for reptiles.  Snakes are particularly known  for being able to bite long after they are considered "dead".  Reptiles need far less oxygen to function; so it takes much longer for their systems to shut down.  A severing of the spinal cord stops them immediately, but it is a small target, as is the brain.

What happened six weeks later is also instructive.

After the attack, Jack Hildreth was medivaced by helicopter to have his severe leg and thigh injuries taken care of.

What makes the story current is what happened a few days ago.  Reginald Blanton was arrested for shooting the alligator, or for possessing alligator parts illegally.  Both charges have been mentioned in press reports. It is not certain if only one, or both have been charged.

This was not a civil summons, as is usually the case in game violations.  This was a full blown arrest, haul you off to jail, require you to post bail, situation.

Blanton was arrested on 4 August.  He had to post bond, rather unusual for an animal situation, where the arrested is a long time local resident who has property and animals in the area. A 74 year old man with property and animals seems an unlikely flight risk.  I would have expected a signature bond at most, but some amount of bond was required.

Blanton was charged with possession of alligator parts. He was arrested and released on Aug. 4 after he posted bail.

Now, Blanton said his lawyer has told him the charges will be dropped Thursday.

Standing with his cattle and donkeys on his County Road 542 property Wednesday, Blanton said he was shocked that he was arrested for shooting at an alligator who was endangering his horses.

The charges came from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and may have involved a missing piece of alligator tail.

A FWC spokesman said that the missing piece of alligator tail was missing before the shooting; so just what part of the alligator Blanton is charged with possessing is uncertain.  The dead alligator  was removed from his property by the authorities after the attack.

The charges came over six weeks after the shooting. They were not initiated by the local authorities, but by the FWC.

The local population was outraged.  One television station received over a thousand comments, the vast majority favorable to Blanton.

Blanton says his attorney told him the charges will be dropped today.  It seems optimistic; but he does have strong, local, support.  That can make a difference.  It could be difficult to find a jury that would convict him.  Large alligators are not popular in rural Florida, from my reading.  They are not endangered, and many people, with justification, view them as dangerous pests.

You cannot assume that you are legally in the clear, even if the local authorities have not charged you.  There are thousands of statutes on the books, and more thousands (mostly federal) are added each year.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to know if you are breaking the law or not.  Some authoritative writers claim that an ordinary citizen commits three felonies a day, whether they wish to or not, simply because of the complexity and vagueness of the law.

This was a high profile case, locally.  Perhaps the Fish and Wildlife investigator wanted to send a message.  Perhaps there is evidence that we are unaware of.

But it is an example of the problems that face someone who is involved in a defensive shooting.  Legions of people who do not know you and who were not there will be second guessing your motivations.  Some of them have the power to cause you considerable difficulty legally, after the fact.

It is another good reason to avoid shooting if there is a reasonable alternative.

Animal attacks are usually far less of a problem to justify than shooting a human, and for many good reasons.  But there are numerous people who anthropomorphise animals.  Some of those are willing to attack anyone who shoots an animal, no matter how justified it may be.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

AZ: Gun Beats Hammer in Shooting near Tempe Marketplace

The story says "deadly shooting", so I presume the attacker has died.

The shooter told police that he was leaving his workplace when a man with hammer tried to attack him, so he shot him.

The suspect has been detained and is being questioned by Tempe police.

 More Here

Followup MO: Shooting of Bobby Sullivan was Self Defense

McDonald County Prosecutor Bill Dobbs says the August 10th shooting death of 37-year-old Bobby Sullivan was self-defense. Dobbs says witnesses confirm 34-year-old Gavin Meredith’s story that Sullivan assaulted Meredith at Meredith’s home.

 More Here

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SC: Armed Woman Shoots Man who Attempted Break-in

The homeowner’s father told News13 that a man tried to break-in around 4:30 a.m. and then left.  When he returned to the home, the female homeowner shot the man.

 More Here

AK: Guide Kills Attacking Grizzley with 9mm

In the last week in July, 2016, Phil Shoemaker had use a 9mm pistol to kill a grizzly that was threatening his clients and himself.  It worked.

I have been guiding brown bear hunters and fishermen and bear photographers from our homestead within Becharof National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for 33 years and have had numerous close encounters with bears. Until now, I have never had to shoot an unwounded bear to protect either myself or clients, but the other week an event occurred and my good fortune changed. When it happened, I was fully aware of what was going on and how big the bear was. I also managed to stay aware of where my clients were, even when the bear was directly between us. The woman I was guiding said that while she did not remember smelling the bear’s breath, it was close enough to her face that it could have bitten her!

 More Here

MO: Woman Shoots man in Confrontation at her Home

According to police, the woman pulled up to her home and was confronted by a stranger.

“This initially began in her driveway, she was in her car, the person, the deceased, approached her there and then there was some type of confrontation. She ran in to the house and he followed her,” said Roy Joachimstaler, Chief of Police for the O'Fallon Police Department.

Police said the woman then fired multiple rounds, killing the man.

 More Here

Followup OR: Landlord found Justified in Ricky McKowen Shooting

Clackamas County prosecutors on Monday dropped charges against a Milwaukie-area landlord recently accused of murdering his tenant.

A Clackamas County grand jury opted not to indict Gerald Miller in the death of Ricky McKowen after hearing testimony from McKowen's girlfriend, who was at the house when the shooting occurred, Miller's adult daughter and others, the Clackamas County District Attorney's office said.
 More Here

AZ: Gun for Hire

Driving to the Ranch through the Mohawk valley, east of Yuma, I noticed the gentleman pictured above.  I stopped to take his picture and determine his business.

You can see that the soil in this area is a fluffy loam.  It is highly productive, irrigated by Colorado River water.  This area near Yuma is some of the most productive agricultural land in the United States and in the world.

Leo did not mind having his picture taken.  I asked him if he were guarding the field from birds that would eat the seeds.  No, he said, ground squirrels. He had shot three the previous day.  They infiltrated the approximately 10 acre field from the perimeter of uncultivated land.  Leo and his partner on the other side of the field spent 9 hours a day guarding the field from the pests. 

Leo was carrying the utility grade version of the popular Mossberg 500, the Maverick 88.  The 88 has trigger guard mounted safety instead of the tang safety for the 500 proper. The Mossberg family of pump shotguns is one of the most popular the world has ever known, with the beefed up  military version the 590 and 590A1.  Leo used ordinary dove and quail loads of number 8 shot.

I am not sure what was planted in this field. I talked to a farmer about pest problems in the area.  Ground squirrils are only one.  Birds can devastate whole fields of lettuce by pulling up sprouts one after another as they walk along, without eating them.  Maybe they think they are worms.  Larger pests do monumental damage.  Deer consume large amounts of valuable produce.  It is hard to obtain depradation permits for them.

Wild horses come in the middle of the night and fill themselves in the fields.  Then they wallow in what is left. Wild burros are said to be even more destructive. Managers are frightened of the Wild Horse and Burrow act and terrified that "animal rights" activists will single them out for destruction with the assistance of the media.

Lettuce is a common crop in Yuma.  The value of a crop is about $10,000 per acre, so a 10 acre field has about $100,000 to be protected.  The ground squirrels only raid the edges.

Farm managers in the Yuma area are very careful they use the latest techniques and track all expenses.  If Leo, his partner and their model 88 shotguns were not cost effective, they would not be there.

I was impressed with Leo.  He was knowledgeable,  polite, and well spoken. He handled the model 88 with the casual confidence of a workman with his tools.  Muzzle discipline was excellent, just as I expect from American shooters.  The muzzle never crossed me, and it never was pointed at the road.

Leo was quietly enthusiastic about the job.  He got to hunt things all day and get paid for it. He and his colleagues do not use shotguns all the time.  Much of their days are spent managing the irrigation flow.  It is their efforts, and those of farm managers organized around a market that produces the abundant and inexpensive food supply in the United States.

We should encourage them to protect their crops against animal mauraders, be they bird, rodent, deer, horse, or burro.

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AZ: Woman Openly Carrying Glock Threatened by Armed Felon; She Kills Him

A woman openly carrying a Glock was threatened by an armed felon in the early morning hours of 1 August, 2016.  She was leaving the gas station with a drink in her hand and the Glock on her hip.  Her daughter would be turning three in about a week. From

Miracle said she was leaving the Circle K near 59th Avenue and Camelback Road with her family early Monday morning when the suspect, Frank Taylor , tried to bum a cigarette. She told him that she didn’t have one, and then seconds later, Miracle said, she could feel the barrel of the gun against her skin.

“He put the gun up to my neck and said, ‘It’s loaded, don’t move,’” Miracle said. ”I think he thought, ‘She’s a little girl. Maybe she doesn’t know how to use her weapon.’”

Miracle said, “I dropped my soda, released my gun from my holster and cocked it. I shot him and ran in the opposite direction."

Link to video of interview with Carolann Miracle

Carolann's father was a Marine.  He taught her well.  The pistol appears to be a Glock model 17 or 22, with night sights.

There are several things to note about this encounter.  Many elements of the story are items often found in armed robberies/muggings.

First is the approach.  It is common for robbers/muggers to use a pretext to close the distance and distract the victim.  Asking for a cigarret is a common pretext.  So is asking for the time.

Second is picking what appeared to be weak prey. Carolann is a small woman, 4'11, 85 pounds.  It is common  for human predators to pick on weaker prey. Maybe he did not see the Glock on her hip.  It was dark.  She was holding a drink from the gas station, probably in her right hand.  If she was wearing a dark top, as she was in the video, the Glock would not have presented much contrast.  While open carriers tend to be very aware of their defensive firearm, many people never notice it.

Carolann did many things right.  The first was to instantly recognize the threat.  Many become mired in the thought that "this cannot be happening"; "this is not real".  People who carry are much less likely to do that because they have considered the possibility of attack and prepared for it.

She did the right thing when she dropped her drink.  Dropping things to access your weapon or to fight better is not an instinctive reaction.  Many people instinctively hang on to useless things that impede their ability to fight.  I taught my students to practice dropping things at the beginning of a fight so that they could draw their firearm, and fight more effectively.

She did the right thing when she fled the area in the opposite direction from the way the attacker was going.  Many attacks, perhaps 50%, involve an accomplice.  She purposefully made the decision, moved to safety, then called the police.

Carolann's response is common.  She did not want to kill her attacker. It was a consequence of what he forced her to do.  She would have preferred that it never happened.

There were witnesses and surveillance video, both of which backed up her story.

Carolann says she "cocked it".  I suspect she was carrying Israeli style, in condition 3, with an empty chamber.  If you practice pulling and releasing the slide as you draw, it can be fairly fast.

What did not happen.

Carolann was openly carrying.  She was accosted by a violent, armed felon.  He did not simply "shoot her first" as many who oppose open carry claim will happen.  Even though he "had the drop" on her, she won the gun fight. 

Action beats reaction.  Dropping the drink likely gave her another second, as the felon probably thought  "dropping drink" not "drawing gun".

It is a known gunfighter tactic that Louis L'Amore wrote about in one of his novels.  In that case, the fictional character let a match burn down to his fingers from lighting a cigarette, thus conditioning his opponents to expect him to flick his hand away from the burn.  Expecting that, they were surprised by the draw.

Maybe Carolann did not consciously make that decision; but the effect was similar.

Carolann Miracle; small woman, Marine's daughter, open carrier, mother, now, undesired, gunfighter.  She survived and lived to see her daughter's third birthday.

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Clarification:  Frank Taylor pleaded guilty to Trafficking in Stolen Property in February of 2015.

Trafficking in stolen property is a felony in Arizona.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TX: Off Duty Deputy Constable ; Gun Beats Car and Knife

"The suspect entered his vehicle that he drove to this residence, put it in reverse and attempted to run over the sergeant and pin him between the fence and the car," Collier said.

Investigators said the man then parked his car and got out with a knife, telling the officer that he would assault him.

"The sergeant told him put down the knife to not approach him," Collier said. "The suspect approached anyhow, at which time the officer discharged the weapon twice striking the suspect in the stomach."

The man was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital by Life Flight. Officials said he was in critical condition.
More Here

KY: Armed Homeowner Shoots, Kills, 1 of 4 Home Invasion Suspects

About 8:18 a.m. Saturday, four armed people forced their way into the home at 123 Clark Hollow in Olive Hill and took an undisclosed amount of cash, according to state police. Several people, including children, were in the home at the time but no one was injured.

During the robbery, according to state police, an altercation occurred between the homeowner and one of the robbery suspects. Kevin J. Helton, 48, of Salt Lick, was shot and killed at the scene, according to police.

Read more here:

 More Here

DC Residents Challenge Ban on Stun Guns

Image of Crystal Wright from

On August 2nd, 2016, another case was filed to regain Second Amendment rights in the District of Columbia.  This case is likely to succeed, and it may set some interesting precedents.  It is a case that sues to eliminate the unconstitutional ban on stun guns and Tasers in the District. From
The plaintiffs in this case—Crystal Wright, Brendan Turner, and Traci Dean—have indicated that they have a legitimate need to defend themselves, but each has stated a desire to use a Taser or stun gun against an assailant rather than a gun, knife, or some other form of lethal force. The plaintiffs argue that pursuant to Heller, the Second Amendment extends to “all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.”

Accordingly, the District “may not completely ban the keeping and bearing of arms for self-defense that are not unusually dangerous, deny individuals the right to carry arms in non-sensitive places,” or “deprive individuals of the right to keep or carry arms in an arbitrary and capricious manner.”

From the case filing  1:2016cv01556 against the District of Columbia and Cathy Lanier(pdf) :
D.C. Code § 7-2502.01(a) provides with exceptions not pertinent to plaintiffs that “no person or organization in the District of Columbia (“District”) shall receive, possess, control, transfer, offer for sale, sell, give, or deliver any destructive device.” 
D.C. Code § 7-2501.01(7) (D) defines “Destructive device” inter alia as, “Any device designed or redesigned, made or remade, or readily converted or restored, and intended to stun or disable a person by means of electric shock.”  
Thus, the District of Columbia outlaws the private possession by
plaintiffs of a Taser or stun gun within the District.
 The lawsuit cites the recent per curiam decision in Caetano v. Massachusetts:

Given the decision in Heller, The District of Columbia may not completely ban the keeping and bearing of arms for self-defense that are not unusually dangerous, deny individuals the right to carry arms in non-sensitive places, deprive individuals of the right to keep or carry arms in an arbitrary and capricious manner, or impose regulations on the right to keep and carry arms that are inconsistent with the Second Amendment. See Caetano v. Massachusetts, 577 U.S. ___ (2016); Heller v. District of Columbia, 801 F.3d 26
In Caetano(pdf), the Supreme Court unanimously held that stun guns were protected under the Second Amendment.  It is hard to see how the District court will be able to ignore that recent, unanimous, ruling. The District is already under legal threat that their abusively restrictive gun carry permit scheme is a de-facto ban.

It will be interesting to see how the D.C. lawyers attempt to wiggle out of this lawsuit.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Easy to Make Your Own Guns

The more people that understand that making guns is not difficult, the more people will understand that "gun control" is counter productive.

AR-15 rifles are the most common sporting rifles in the country. They are used for target shooting and many states allow you to hunt with them. Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy for people to make their own guns, both legally and illegally.

Raymond L. Blackmer III was arrested and charged with one federal count of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in November 2015, which brings up a question. How easy is it to obtain or build a gun illegally?

NRA certified instructor Kirk Whatley told 22News, “People can make a firearm out of pipes, it’s not that difficult to do.”
More Here

ID: Man Assults Woman, is Shot, Wounded

Police said the man suffered a gunshot wound to his side during the argument with the woman about loose dogs on their street near Alameda Park.

The argument happened on the street and sidewalk outside the man and woman’s residences in the 600 block of Park Avenue around 12:30 a.m. Police said the man started pushing the woman. And during the ensuing melee, the handgun she possessed fired and wounded the man in the stomach area.

More Here

Poster Woman for Fatal Gun Accident w/AK Clone

Pick up a loaded AK clone, point it at your boyfriend's face at point blank range while you pin him to the bed.  The gun just "went off".  He is dead, and the woman is charged with negligent homicide.

I wonder if Rosario was right handed.  Are those bruises below her left eye?

The articles note that Gabriella does not have any prior arrests.  I found two for a Rosario Soto Leon in the Phoenix area, one on March 7th, another on April 20th, both in Maricopa County. Without further ID, it is impossible to know if it is the same Rosario Soto Leon. If it is, he would have been 20 years old. From
According to court paperwork, Hardee and her boyfriend, Rosario Leon, were getting ready to check out of the room when they jumped onto the bed together.

Hardee admitted to picking up the gun that was on the bed next to Leon. She picked up the weapon, put her hand on the trigger and the weapon discharged. She told officers she pointed the gun at a downward angle that was directly at her boyfriend’s head.
Fatal gun accidents have become quite rare in the United States.  There are only about 500 a year.  That is down from 3200 in 1932.  The per capita rate of fatal gun accidents has dropped by 94% in that time period.

It does not appear that Gabriella was trained in how to use the rifle, or had any safety training with firearms, generally.  From
Police said based on the knowledge Hardee had that Leon usually had ammunition in the weapon and Hardee had seen it being discharged and knew it was a deadly weapon that she was operating carelessly, she will be charged with negligent homicide.
The case seems a classic example of what criminologist Gary Kleck wrote about in "Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America" the classic text on guns, gun use, yse if guns in crime and gun control in America. From Point Blank, page 297 in the chapter on "Reducing Gun Accidents":
Concerning the second premise, many gun accidents, perhaps the majority of them, involve chronically reckless people whose impulsiveness, emotional immaturity, or alcoholism cannot be eliminated by a few hours of safety training.
When those words were written in 1991, fatal gun accidents were occuring at a rate of .57 per 100,000.  The figure was .16 per 100,000 in 2013.  That is a 67% drop in only 23 years, so Mr. Kleck may have been a little pessimistic. Perhaps a high school course in gun safety would have made a difference.  But maybe not.

Rosario had only had the rifle for two and a half weeks.  He had kept the rifle loaded most of the time, according to reports.  No one has reported what Rosario did for a living to pay for things like rifles and motel rooms.

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PA: Home Invasion Suspect Shot

According to a police report, the home invasion took place in the village of Cumbola, Blythe Township, 12 miles west of Tamaqua. Police said a 40-year-old male forcibly entered a home at 190 Market St. about 1:20 a.m. He was then shot by a 50-year-old male who lived in the home. The victim was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital and is listed in stable condition. No other details were released.
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IL: Brothers Disarm Jelous Boyfriend

Navarro allegedly mistook the man’s brother for the person for who he was looking. He allegedly pointed what appeared to be a black handgun at the man and his wife. While the two suspects tried to reason with Navarro, the intended victim, a 31-year-old man, came outside. Navarro allegedly pointed the gun at him and the man jumped into Navarro’s car to try to disarm him. The victim’s brother joined the fray and the two men were able to take the gun from Navarro while punching him and striking him with the gun several times.

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MO: Domestic Defense Man Shoots Brother to Stop Attack with Hammer

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A 56-year old man is in police custody after fatally wounding his brother in an attempt to stop him from attacking a woman with a hammer.

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IN: Armed Victim Exercises Much Restraint; Refrains from Fireing Back

Evansville police have arrested two people in connection with a shooting that took place in broad daylight in the middle of a neighborhood on the city's southeast side Thursday morning. The incident could have been worse, police said, if not for the restraint displayed by the victim, who opted not to shoot back despite legally carrying a firearm.

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Followup KY: Man Justified in Shooting Pearson Brothers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —A judge ruled a Louisville man acted in self-defense when he shot two brothers.


The judge noted the two brothers were fighting over a gun with bystanders in the area.

Albright asked them to stop and drop the gun, and when they didn't, he fired.

"One of the questions I asked him, I said, ‘Would you do it again? Knowing what you know now, knowing what all you've been through, would you do this again?’ And he said ‘Absolutely.’ He said, ‘It's cost me a lot, 'but it was important for him to protect himself and others,’" Schaefer said.
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Followup OH: Clerk Justifed in Fatal Shooting

CINCINNATI (AP) - Prosecutors say a convenience store clerk was justified in fatally shooting a teenage robbery suspect two weeks ago in southwest Ohio and won't be charged criminally.

Authorities say 18-year-old Anton Kirby entered the Cheviot (SHEH'-vee-uht) convenience store July 29 wearing blue latex gloves and holding a handgun and ordered clerk Jeremy Donohue to empty the cash register. Donohoe pulled a handgun from his waistband after he was unable to open a store safe and shot Kirby four times.
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TX: Homeowner Shoots Home Invader

A home invader was shot and wounded by a resident in east Oak Cliff Thursday night.

Police were called about 8:30 p.m. to the 1600 block of Missouri Avenue where they found the man shot in the leg. The resident reportedly shot the man in self-defense.
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